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Baby First Food

We are one proud parents today! ❤ :D Baby Iqbal just had his first meal. Alhamdulillah.. I fed him beras pusu and he likes it. He wants more everytime after I fed him.

Today is my parents 30th wedding anniversary. We'll forever remember today! :D Happy Anniversary to our mom and dad. Semoga sentiasa bahagia disamping kami, anak anak yang sentiasa menyayangi kamu. Sentiasa sihat wal'afiat dan berada di dalam lindungan Allah. Amin ya Rabbal Alamin.. We love you! Baby Iqbal loves nenek boy and nenek girl ❤ :D

Baby Feeding

Baby Iqbal will turns 6 months next month and we're excited that we are going to start Baby Iqbal with solid food. We know that he is ready because he keeps on grabbing our food and glass these days. Hehe ;) I have been reading about starting solid food and it's exciting! We have this facebook group called "First food for our Little Angels" and I must say, everyone is very helpful. :D

I'm going to share the important signs parents should notice before starting solid food, includes
Head control - Yes, Baby can keep his head steady and upright positionLosing the "extrusion reflex" - Yes, Baby has stop pushing food out of his mouthSitting well when supported - Yes, Baby can do this alrightChewing motions - Definitely yes. I caught him doing this many times already. As if he is eating!Significant weight gain - Baby doubles his weight already ;)Growing appetite - Oh boy! Baby definitely has this for a while nowCuriosity about what you're eating - Hehehe.…

Baby Iqbal turns 5 months

... For a moment, I didn't know what to write other than the title above. Husband and I had a sleepless night. Baby Iqbal refused to sleep and nurse after midnight last night. I think this is what they called growth spurts. His nursings have also reduced lately. I know this is temporary but honestly, I am not liking this at all. I think no one else does. Huhu -__-

On a happier note, we had put Baby Iqbal in his walker since he was 3+ months old and he is now a pro! Hehe.. Every morning, I would put him in his walker to "exercise" (while I have my breakfast) after that I would bathe him, nurse him and put him to nap. It's funny to see that sometimes he would chase his shadows in his walker. He practically knows the house already. He would go to the front door(meaning he wants to go out), staring at the stairs (thinking how he is going to go up to our room), my dad's store room, in the kitchen or licking every side tables he could find.  -___-'

Hubby wrote: (I k…

Review : Flip Diapers

This diaper received rave reviews from the cloth diaper group so I decided to check it out. Flip diaper is a one size hybrid cloth diapering system so it has three different options for the insert; 1) stay dry insert in onesize and newborn size, 2) organic insert and 3) disposable insert for travelling and convenience purposes. The Flip cover is made from laminated polyester so we are able to re-use the cover 2-3 times and wipe the inside clean before placing a new insert. I only pre-washed the covers and inserts once and satisfied with the absorbency. You can read [here] for more information.

My first impressions when I received these diapers was "wow this looks easy!" and I looove the colours! I currently have 6 covers - in twilight, grasshopper, butternut, moonbeam, ribbit and clementine and 15 stay dry inserts (left with 14 usable inserts) which can last for two days in between washing. The insert is topped with suede layer for a stay dry effect on Baby's bum and 3 l…

4 months appointment

We came in a little late this morning but the good thing is, we do not have to wait long. Yay! I think Baby Iqbal is the happiest person on earth today! Exaggerate much? ;) Reason being he did not get his supposedly last DPT and Polio vaccines today. Hehehehe ;p Alhamdulillah.. We were kinda worried that Baby Iqbal would have fever again like his last shot. Poor him!

Baby Iqbal statistic as of today (4 months 3 weeks):

Weight: 7.2 kgs
Height: 68 cm
HC: 42 cm

They have this new vaccine, called Infanrix Hexa (or '6in1' in short) for babies at 6 months young. I'll be writing on Baby's Basic Vaccines in another post. That being said, Baby Iqbal's next appointment would be when he is 6 months young. Grow up well Dear Son! MamaAyah love you so much!

Baby Vaccines

I was not aware on the many jabs baby took in their early life. I always try to be strong seeing Baby Iq had his jabs (and he has many more to come! Huhu). You can read for more information [here].

This is Baby Iq basic vaccinations listed above (and for all babies too! Hehe);
Hepatitis B vaccine - after birth, 4 weeks and 24 weeks old (6 months)B.C.G vaccine - after birthD.P.T vaccine(Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) - 6 weeks, 12-14 weeks and 18-22 weeks oldPolio vaccine - same as D.P.T vaccineVitamin K (?) - after birth Other vaccines not listed that he has/ has not taken or will take;
Infanrix Hexa (includes Diphteria, Tetanus, Polio, Haemophilus Influenza type B and Hepatitis B) or 6in1 - should be taken at 6 monthsInfanrix IPV/Hib (includes Diphteria, Tetanus, Polio and Haemophilus Influenza type B) - should be taken at 1 year oldPrevanar vaccine - taken when Iq's 4 months young Rotavirus vaccine - taken at private clinic recommended before Baby reaches 6 months (available a…

First Appearance

Last night Iqbal and mama&ayah attended Claral 1st birthday at TT Blues Cafe. Its Baby Iqbal's first appearance among ayah's friends. Some of them had only seen Iqbal in his first month and most seen him in his photos uploaded in Facebook and Instagram. ;)

We came early to my inlaws' place in the morning as we need to go back early to attend the party. We were the earliest to come *Lol! Semangat ok!* because we need to change Baby's diaper. Oh! He actually slept after meeting Claral when they arrived. I bet Baby was really exhausted. Long day for him!

I think Baby Iqbal (well he should be hehe) had fun meeting all his uncles and aunties, and finally meeting Kaka Claral ;D Too bad Kaka Rana was not there. Although he was a little 'talkative' last night. Keke

We have been bringing him out too lately. Last week we brought him to my dad's sister's granddaughter's wedding. Baby Iqbal first appearance as well among my dad's relatives. *Famous ok? …

Favourite Thing : Baby Bath

For the past 4+ months, we have tried two different baby baths - Buds organics and Burt's bees. So far both baths are really good. I do not think Baby has eczema though. He had a bad rash before until we stopped using the bath for a while and used air daun peria instead to treat his heat rash.

1. Buds Organics Head to Toe cleanser
We use this since Baby Iq was born. We even made the nurse used this when she taught us how to bath our baby. Hehe. I bought it from Peek-a-boo shop at Times Square for $18.90 (not available anymore!) Lucky we can also get it from Dotdotslittleshop (and thier resellers JPMC pharmacy and Lee Clinic) for $16.50 only! This bath last for about two months of usage. I like the smell of aloe vera and sugary (hehe sweet!) and it gives a lot of bubbles too.

2. Burt's Bees Shampoo and Wash
We also tried this bath for two months now (still enough for few more days though). I bought it through Facebook (Jualjualshop) and it costs $22 per bottle. I like this smell…