When Baby Iq was born, we swaddle him with a piece of cotton cloth - about a metre size to keep his hands and feet from scratching his face and also, as the elderly usually say "to keep from flying hands".

At first, I was reluctant to keep on swaddling Baby Iq but now I am used to it already. Somehow swaddling helps him to sleep better especially during the day. *Good thing!* We used to swaddle him too at night but we have stopped as he now can sleep better since we are co-sleeping.

Sometimes it is really hard to put him to sleep (even when he's all cranky), so we will just swaddle him while he's screaming and he will then fall asleep in just few minutes. Ha! But of course, if I see him long enough being swaddle I'd loosen it a little bit so he can move his hands and body easily.

I am writing this entry while watching him sleeping in his rocker. My parents definitely love to swaddle him before sleep and I don't, unless when he is cranky and squirming. He was crying and screaming in the middle of his nursing time just now. My dad then decided to put him to sleep and guess what? Next thing you know he fall asleep already. Hehe.. ;) I love watching him sleep because sometimes I find him smiling while he is sleeping. Sweet adorable smile which always melt my heart! <3 He can be cheeky too at times! He' open his eyes one side then the other, when you look at him he'll close his eyes again! Caught him doing that just now! *Lol!*