Favourite Thing : Summer SwaddleMe

I have decided that I will be writing a series of our favourite things during this mommyhood period. :D

Since I wrote about swaddling early this week, I am excited to talk about our favourite wrap that we used for Baby Iqbal in his early days. Other than the cotton cloth we normally used since he was born, we also use Summer SwaddleMe infant wrap. It is a LIFESAVER to calm our baby especially at night! Without being swaddle, Baby would stay awake until after midnight screaming and crying, refusing to go to sleep.

This wrap comes in two sizes - small/ medium (7-14lbs) and large (14-22lbs). We bought two S/M wraps for our daily use - blue and green. They have some solid colours and also pattern designs. It also has the laundry tabs to avoid from laundry chain especially to its baby binder.

Hubs bought this wrap because he found it complicted using the cloth. *but not anymore now!* I must say, this wrap is simple, easy, fuss free and daddy (or new modern parent) friendly. For a squirming baby at night, this wrap is definitely useful and quick for us.

Baby Iq outgrew the wraps after two months of daily use - we simply cannot put the hook to the tabs anymore. After many washes, the aplix are still strong but the colours have fade. It had shrinks couple inches too from the way it looks.

the packaging

see! it's as easy as ABC 123 ;p

Baby Iqbal around 2 weeks old *mwahs!*
Where to buy?
You can get this infant wrap at both Mothercare in Kiulap and Manggis, and also at Hua Ho Kiulap. It costs around $36.90 each (if I'm not mistaken. I forgot!). Happy swadding mommies! (and daddies and grandparents and everyoneee!) ;)