Review : Autumnz

The first cloth diaper I get to feel and touch after months of researching. First impressions, it has a nice packaging with instructions and very soft fleece and inserts. This is a onesize (OS) pocket diaper and came with 2 microfiber inserts. The cover is made of PUL and has micro fleece inner lining. I pre-washed them once and satisfied with its absorbency.

This pocket diaper is very easy to use. I have them in snaps although at first I do not like the one row snaps because it looks insecure. Now, they look fine to me. The inserts are long, wide and thick which gives a very good absorbency. The elastics are still in a good condition after many washes since we started using however the fleece lining has started to pill up.

So far I have been using with one insert in the diaper and it can lasts up to 3 to 4 hours (unless if Baby Iq poops).  Once Baby wore it for 6 hours, the insert was really soaked and luckily there was no leak. Phewh! *Mommy forgot to change before Baby went to sleep.* I really like the inserts performance - I'd fold a little bit in the front to give extra absorbency for my front wetter. As for poop containment, the diaper has been successfully contained poop explosion without leak. We never experienced leak except once when I changed the rise setting to medium. Bad idea!!!

This diaper fits from 3kgs to 18kgs and has a big cutting which makes it not suitable for newborn. Baby Iq started using this when he was about 5kgs - at the smallest rise settings. The fit at the thighs is snug and we can get the perfect setting at the waist. There is also a crossover snap to fit a smaller waist, newborn perhaps but I doubt anyone will ever use it. The crotch width is a little bit wide (about an inch wider than BumGenius).

This is a good budget diaper, at $18 each (from Rizqyhusnee) the inserts gives a very good performance. Double it up, it may lasts up to 6 to 8 hours for average wetter. I love using this diaper for nighttime and would add BumGenius newborn insert for extra absorbency for longer usage. This diaper makes Baby Iq's bum look fluffier which I don't mind! ;)