Being a SAHM

not exactly, but you get the idea

It has been over a year since I graduated with my First Degree and have not 'found' a single career. They say these unemployed people are being choosy for wanting to work with the public sector only and not with the private sector nor start own business. I wish those people know that some people are not lucky.

We had a few debates among my family members asking me to work as soon as possible. Some even suggested me to apply as a teacher, no offence to all teachers out there, but I know myself that I am not capable of being a teacher. I have been applying for career within this period, been going to written tests and interviews but still here I am at home taking care of my baby.

I have discussed this matter with DH. We have agreed that I will stay at home until Dad retires this November. We do not want to have maid to take care of our baby hence we came to this decision. I am still applying for career when the post advertised are something that I have interest to do and not only it can improve myself but also, allow me to contribute to our country. No, I am not being choosy but I want to start a career for the next 35 years of my life (Insya Allah!) not a job. Yes, I have applied both to public and private sectors.

I am enjoying my time at home now with my baby. There is only me-time when he is asleep, that is for sure but I do not mind. I can do the house chores when I have my other siblings at home so they can look after Baby while I do the chores. I don't feel comfortable leaving him out of my sight even when he is asleep hence making me difficult to do the house chores. I'm glad that I am still living with my parents, they have been helping me a lot since.

We have not decided that I will forever be a SAHM, this is just for temporary - until Dad retires at least. If I manage to start a career before he retires then I hope I can place Baby in a daycare - hoping daycare will be available at workplace soon. I am constantly worrying about a lot of things, sometimes I can just be over-thinking about everything. DH has always been really kind and patient - I am really thankful that he is my lifetime companion. ILY!