Baby Iqbal turns 4 months

Baby Iqbal ❤ and I went out with my parents and not-so little brother today. This is a record of his journey today on his 4 months. His first time going out to other places than Birau, clinic and hospital.

10.30am - arrived at Paediatric Clinic, RIPAS Hospital. Baby had his Prevanar jab (second dose). As strong as he has always been, he cried for a few minutes then he's a happy baby again!

11.00am - brought Baby Iqbal to a restaurant for the first time! Lucky there was only two families so the place was rather quiet. He even pooped! *lol* Unfortunately, they do not have changing room so mom combined two chairs and changed him there at our table. Luckily we sat at the corner! He was fussy when we almost finished our food *time to feed him*, we paid the bill and I fed him in the car.

12.00pm - visited my grandparents (which means Baby Iqbal's atok boy and atok girl) in Kota Batu. He was mostly asleep while we were there. Atok girl got to hold him only for a while, she has been asking for Iqbal's visit since we last met her. Atoks will be going for their Umrah on this 1st May.

1.30pm - stopped by the post office to collect his new Bumgenius cloth diapers in the new colours! ❤

1.45pm - jalan-jalan di Hua Ho Manggis. I was gna get him a teether but seems like nothing caught his eyes. He refused to hold all the teethers (actually all the things he saw pun he doesnt want to hold).

2.30pm - Baby Iq was already grumpy and fussy. We knew it was time to go home but we had to stopped by at a bakery for awhile. In the car, Baby Iq was screaming and crying already, even refused to be nursed. Huhu.. I guess he was really tired already.

We came back home, he was fast asleep after Dad rocked him. Poor Baby! I do hope he had fun seeing the world :D Happy 4 months young, Dearest Son! Mama and Ayah pray that you will always be happy here with us. Semoga mendapat segala kebaikkan di dunia dan di akhirat. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.. We love you Baby Iqbal ❤!!!