3 months appointment

Today's stats: (12 days to 4 months)

Weight: 6.66kgs
Height: 63cm
HC: 42cm

Alhamdulillah Baby Iqbal is gaining well. I'm a proud momma! *:D Today he had his second dose for DPT (or Tetrahib) and Polio. We gave him paracetamol immediately once we got home takut panas badannya.

Hubs could not make it today so we went with my sister, at around 11am. Yes, we were late! ;p Baby Iqbal knew that he was getting his jab somehow! He was fussy already when we entered the room and as I sat. Hehe I guess he is familiar with the drill already ;) Still, he is a strong baby! *kiss* :D

Next appointment is in 5 weeks (11th Apr) for his final dose of DPT and Polio. Whewh! Hehe

** Updates on 8th March

Baby Iq has been having fever since yesterday after the jab he had. We give his paracetamol every 6hrs for the last 24hrs and Alhamdulillah his temperature has gone down. Insya Allah he will be healthy again in no time. Really manja and squeaks a lot!!! Sampai sarut sudah suaranya.. And he sleeps most of the time. I guess its because of the meds he took. Poor Baby! *Hope you'll feel better soonest Syg!*


  1. ihh makin lampuh ihh post by post. membari gigitan ;p


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