Review for My Newborn Cloth Diapering

Baby Iqbal was around 7lbs at birth and when we started cloth diapering, he was already at 9lbs. The one size (OS) cloth diapers still looks a little bit bulky to us so we used the traditional square white flats as a start with newborn size diaper covers. The flats were those I used 25 years ago along with my other siblings, so you can imagine how thin and small it got! Hehe! We only use cloth diaper during the day, change him every 2-3 hours or less if Dear Son (DS) poops and also do daily washing.

System 1: 2 Baby Beehind (newborn size) covers and 9 traditional lampins/ flats
  • The covers are easily soiled and wet
  • The edge of the covers usually get dirty with blowouts
  • Few leaks (urine) mainly because the flats is super soaked
  • The covers did not give red marks on his thighs
I must say that I'm really glad I bought these newborn size covers. We only used the covers for 2+ weeks if I am not mistaken as we are getting more leaks and of course, he outgrew the covers. Performance wise, this system usually lasts Baby Iqbal for 1 hour max and he gets diaper rash too from the wetness. *sighs*

System 2: Bummis Super Brite and Baby Beehind (small size) with Flip inserts

  • This combination lasts for 2-3 hours
  • The front flap (in Bummis) is usually wet - I have a baby boy = front wetter
  • Changed the whole thing when Baby had blowouts
  • Leaked few times from the side (because I was using the flats and had it more than 1 hour)
Overall, I do not like the plastic-ky feel I get from Bummis diaper cover and the red marks from the elastics. But I like the leg gusset (although I think we'll be fine without it. Baby's blowouts didnt usually leak but always get to the edges of the covers soiled). I like BBH cover as it does not give Baby red marks on his thighs. However, it is not wipeable and sometimes I can smell urine from the cover. Both covers have a very strong aplix/velcro. We are still using the covers occasionally as extra cover for the day (now Baby is almost 3 months old).

What I learned from these systems

I need MORE than just two newborn covers. Sometimes okay, I can say almost every day, Baby Iq soiled all his diaper covers with his blowouts so there was more than one washing in a day (but it was a quick wash and quick drying time too, so I didn't really mind!). I read that Thirties XS cover is an excellent choice (it has leg gusset and CUTE!!! ;p). I might want to try using prefold next time. *giggles* Also for a trimmer diaper, I might want to try Flip newborn insert too. And get one or two newborn size diaper for going out. Okay, I better stop. I am not done cloth diapering one baby and here I am talking about having the next one. Lol! *:P *putting these in my wishlist*

Unfortunately, this is not a thorough review. I am not good at this yet (will try to improve them as I need to find my own way to make the review). I do hope those who are looking for this review will find the above information suffice. Happy cloth diapering! *:D

covers are being kept safely now