One month of Cloth Diapering

Yay! Alhamdulillah :D

I have managed to cloth diaper Baby Iqbal for a month now. From buying 6 packs to 4 packs to 2 packs of disposable in a month. I am determined to make it into 1 pack and then, to ZERO. :D

So far, I've managed to cloth diaper Baby Iqbal throughout the day when we are home (which is everyday except Sunday when we are at my in-laws' place). Baby Iqbal has outgrew his newborn stash and currently, we are using the Flip diapers and occasionally the other diapers I recently have bought.

We began with 3 Flip covers and 4 inserts and now, we have 6 covers and 15 inserts. Baby Iqbal usually uses 2-3 covers daily, 6-8 inserts as we use them until almost midnight - his last diaper change. I wash the cloth diapers daily (and sometimes my dad will help as he cannot stand seeing the inserts in the pail). *Thank you Dad but really, you shouldn't have*

It is important (at least for me!) to have a sufficient stash so I can rotate the usage to make sure that these investment will last long. After all, one of the benefits of using cloth diaper is to save money. So it is good if we can use these diapers for multiple babies - well, 2 babies at least or 3 babies if you have lots of stash to rotate and keep them in a good condition.

That being said, YES I have increased my (read, Baby Iqbal) cloth diapers stash since we began. I have added few other cloth diapers as well to try their fit and absorbency. Our current stash consists of
  • 6 Flip covers including Twilight, Grasshopper, Butternut, Moonbeam, Clementine and Ribbit! with 15 stay dry inserts *wink*
  • 1 BumGenius! Freetime AIO - love the Albert print!
  • 1 BumGenius! 4.0 - bought the artist series, Eiffel Tower as they are discontinuing the prints
  • 1+1 Charlie Banana - gotta love the royal blue colour! Just bought a red colour :p
  • 1 Bamboolite AI2 Regular - another black with numbers print still on its way hehe
  • 2 Autumnz - in baby blue and green colours :)

As I wanted to start cloth diapering Baby Iqbal for nighttime, I have also bought Bamboolite foldover inserts so I can put them in the Autumnz diapers. Received a good review about it from Rozi. Although few cloth diapering mom here actually use Flip and double the inserts or use the LoopyDo or SuperDo for nighttime diapering. As Baby Iqbal is still small, I do not want his diapers to be bulky. I hope the foldover inserts will not be really bulky for him.

I am looking for other options for ease of use and convenience especially when we go out and about (both short and long trips). Flip is definitely my go to diaper when we are at home during the day. But at night, I'd put him in pocket diapers or AIO. Now I am contemplating whether to buy more pockets or more AIOs. This will be for another post as I have lots to ramble. *wink*

Lets keep going! *big grins* ;)