More on CDs

I am so happy to finally received our first modern cloth diapers – bought 2 Autumnz CD from Rizqy Husnee early this month. Been showing them to my parents – my dad was really curious how to use and wash them while mom on the other hand. Lol!
Lately, I have been reading (again) on cloth diapers . I’m currently stacking up these cloth diapers so we can try them on our Baby when the time comes. Mom and dad told us to use the traditional lampin too while I am in my confinement period. I am going to buy BBH nappy cover too for the lampin.
After my further reading on cloth diaper – by keeping in mind this may change due to our Baby’s preference – this is what 
I am
 we are planning to do. Hehe..
Seems like from my reading, pocket diapers are suitable for night diapering although the best one would be fitted diapers. Pocket diapers because we can stuff more inserts in it to our heart’s desire. Well, as long as the combination is right, it will make the usage last a little longer. Hence, more investment needed for extra inserts or boosters (including hemp and bamboo perhaps).
While during the day, I think AI2 would be best. Reasons being the cover s reusable and we can just change the inserts every 2-3 hours (at least two cover changes during the day). Furthermore, when we go back to my in-laws during the weekend, this would be very perfect. It is a plus point for travelling or when we’re out and about.
What I can say about Autumnz - appearance based – is I love how soft the fleece is especially to baby’s bum. Although I think by putting 2 inserts makes the CD looks bulky and I’m not too sure if Baby will feel comfortable with that. From what I read, hemp is very good as booster – it absorbs a lot but at slower pace and much thinner too. Next in my CD shopping list is the Loopy Do inserts.
I am still waiting for my Flip CDs from BabyMeshop. Should arrive by the end of this month. Next I would like to try Bamboolite. I am so glad that they have starter pack so I can try their sizing as I read some people have problem with the sizing which lead to leakage.
Actually.. I’m just really excited to explore these CDs!!! Hehehe ;)