DPT and Polio jab

Today, Baby Iqbal had DPT first jab and liquid med (polio). After the nurse gave a dropped of polio, he cried so hard. When we told them that Baby Iqbal had prevanar jab last week, they were hesitant to give the DPT shot.

So, they called the Doctor at Paedriatic clicnic, RIPAS to ensure that its okay for them to give the shot. It was okay and made Baby Iqbal cried til his face turned red! Hehe and he was strong! Sekejap saja nangis ;D Didnt made mummy teary pun. Heee

We came home and mom gave him paracetamol - they said the shot will make some babies have fever. He's having his nap while Im writing this. Mommy and Daddy love you Son!