Breastfeeding Journey

I must say, it was a difficult beginning. I could not make Baby Iqbal latch within 30 mins after his birth. I know, it is recommended to do so! When we stayed at the hospital, I could not even breastfeed him (I wasn't strong enough although I have the support) so the nurses had to top up with formula milk. I knew that at that time his stomach is still tiny, I prayed that he is still content with the little amount I produced.

We had to give him formula milk even when we were at home. I tried to pump on our second and last day in the hospital. We showed it to the nurse because the colostrum that I produced were somehow brownish reddish, so we wasn't sure if we can give it to Baby Iqbal. The nurses were unsure and DH and I, and my families were really concerned if the mixture included blood.

When I had my BP appointment at Day Care Unit a week after, mom's friend kindly taught me how to breastfeed Baby Iqbal properly and just let him drink the brownish reddish milk I produced which happened to be my colostrum. She said maybe I had too much of chocolate drink while I was pregnant. Truthfully speaking, hot chocolate has always been my breakfast drink =.='

So that's how my breastfeeding journey began. Alhamdulillah, it has been two months I have been able to fully breastfeed Baby Iqbal. I am taking fenugreek pills to boost my milk production (okay, that sounds like a cow! hehehe ;p) I have not stock EBM (except if we are going out leavin him) but I am more worried if I suddenly get called for a job. I really need to start stocking up my milk supplies. Insya Allah, I'd want to breastfeed Baby Iqbal for as long as I can. Aminnnn~ *:D