Baby Iqbal turns 3 months

Baby Iqbal made his first appearance to most of my relatives at my cousin's wedding today. Everyone loves baby! Aww~ *:D Who doesn't right? Babies are really adorable and cute!!!

It was a challenge to deal with his grumpiness after being held by many people (or maybe after seeing a lot of people for the first time). He was actually sleeping not long after we arrived at the hall. I was amazed that the loud music and people chattering did not bother his sleep. I guess he was really sleepy then. Preparing his stuffs was not hard either as we are only going out for few hours. I did put him on cloth diaper! *wink* Success!

Let's see his developmental milestone (so far),

  • He's still on fully breastfeed - every two to two and a half hours during the day, three hours at night. After midnight he can goes up to 4-5 hours of sleeping. He even snores! *lol*
  • His sleeping patterns are now rather consistent throughout the day, 2 hours of sleep and 2 hours of awake (or less sometimes). He sleeps more after 6pm which is not good because that will make him stays awake until midnight and refuses to go to sleep if he is not tired. Huhu
  • He is still on part time cloth diapering. Most of the time he is on cloth. At the moment, we are battling with diaper rash. *sighs* I find bepanthen to work like wonders than CJ BuTTer which is CD friendly.
  • He is now able to wake up/ sit (with help) from laying down. He's always fascinates by colours (especially cartoons! I show him 15-30mins of TV time in the afternoon). Also, he likes to play with his hands and feet! Hehe too cute!
  • His neck support is still soft. He barely can sits straight up! He's almost there I guess. We have tried to put him in his walker (put pillow in front of him for support) and he can moves backward! *giggles*
  • He still refuses to have tummy time. What we usually do to encourage him is to put him on his tummy for 5mins at least daily or until he cries. Sometimes I put him on my tummy as well.
  • When he sees people eating, he'll make us feel guilty for not giving him food. Or maybe he's just wondering what are we eating that he's not able to eat just yet! Hehhe
  • Witnessed his first loud laugh! "Haha!" *lol* That was really funny and unfortunately it's sort of a one time thing. Pfft! We want to hear it again.. Lucky we caught it on video! ;)
  • He likes to talk a lot these days. Husband will talks to him during night time if Baby is not asleep. My parents like to rock him to sleep early night. So yea.. 
His sleeping pattern at night is not like other babies. Owl baby I must say, noticed this when I was pregnant. Need to work on his daily schedule asap!

It has been a wonderful three months experience with Baby Iqbal around. We're excited to see what else he's ready to do and surprise us!

HAPPY 3 MONTHS OLD DEAREST SON! Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan beriman, penyayang dan penyabar, sentiasa sihat dahn diberkati Allah SWT di dunia dan di akhirat. Aminnn~