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Review for My Newborn Cloth Diapering

Baby Iqbal was around 7lbs at birth and when we started cloth diapering, he was already at 9lbs. The one size (OS) cloth diapers still looks a little bit bulkyto us so we used the traditional square white flats as a start with newborn size diaper covers. The flats were those I used 25 years ago along with my other siblings, so you can imagine how thin and small it got! Hehe! We only use cloth diaper during the day, change him every 2-3 hours or less if Dear Son (DS) poops and also do daily washing.

System 1: 2 Baby Beehind (newborn size) covers and 9 traditional lampins/ flats
The covers are easily soiled and wetThe edge of the covers usually get dirty with blowoutsFew leaks (urine) mainly because the flats is super soakedThe covers did not give red marks on his thighs I must say that I'm really glad I bought these newborn size covers. We only used the covers for 2+ weeks if I am not mistaken as we are getting more leaks and of course, he outgrew the covers. Performance wise, this s…

Baby Iqbal turns 3 months

Baby Iqbal made his first appearance to most of my relatives at my cousin's wedding today. Everyone loves baby! Aww~ *:D Who doesn't right? Babies are really adorable and cute!!!

It was a challenge to deal with his grumpiness after being held by many people (or maybe after seeing a lot of people for the first time). He was actually sleeping not long after we arrived at the hall. I was amazed that the loud music and people chattering did not bother his sleep. I guess he was really sleepy then. Preparing his stuffs was not hard either as we are only going out for few hours. I did put him on cloth diaper! *wink* Success!

Let's see his developmental milestone (so far),

He's still on fully breastfeed - every two to two and a half hours during the day, three hours at night. After midnight he can goes up to 4-5 hours of sleeping. He even snores! *lol*His sleeping patterns are now rather consistent throughout the day, 2 hours of sleep and 2 hours of awake (or less sometimes). H…

2 months appointment

Mon, 13th Feb. Baby Iqbal went to the clinic for his two months old Doctor's appointment. We did the usual once we arrived at the clinic, checked his weight - 6.04kgs and height 60.5cm (while the nurse measured his head circumference 21cm). Those are his numbers one week before Baby is three months old. When the Doctor checked him, everything is good. Alhamdulillah.. They told me to continue breastfeeding him. Insya Allah for as long as I can, I will.

Tue, 14th Feb. Husband left for Kuching. This time he will be away for 4 days and 3 nights. Baby Iqbal and I (along with my dad, sister and brother) sent Husband to the airport. It was Baby Iqbal first trip to the airport. Well, other than Birau, he has not been anywhere else actually. Hehe kesian..

Alhamdulillah, Baby Iqbal and I survived our first night together. Usually his dad will put him to sleep at night. Without Daddy around, I tried my very best last night and luckily Baby Iqbal inda mengusut. He was fast asleep last night a…

Breastfeeding Journey

I must say, it was a difficult beginning. I could not make Baby Iqbal latch within 30 mins after his birth. I know, it is recommended to do so! When we stayed at the hospital, I could not even breastfeed him (I wasn't strong enough although I have the support) so the nurses had to top up with formula milk. I knew that at that time his stomach is still tiny, I prayed that he is still content with the little amount I produced.

We had to give him formula milk even when we were at home. I tried to pump on our second and last day in the hospital. We showed it to the nurse because the colostrum that I produced were somehow brownish reddish, so we wasn't sure if we can give it to Baby Iqbal. The nurses were unsure and DH and I, and my families were really concerned if the mixture included blood.

When I had my BP appointment at Day Care Unit a week after, mom's friend kindly taught me how to breastfeed Baby Iqbal properly and just let him drink the brownish reddish milk I produced…

One month of Cloth Diapering

Yay! Alhamdulillah :D

I have managed to cloth diaper Baby Iqbal for a month now. From buying 6 packs to 4 packs to 2 packs of disposable in a month. I am determined to make it into 1 pack and then, to ZERO. :D

So far, I've managed to cloth diaper Baby Iqbal throughout the day when we are home (which is everyday except Sunday when we are at my in-laws' place). Baby Iqbal has outgrew his newborn stash and currently, we are using the Flip diapers and occasionally the other diapers I recently have bought.

We began with 3 Flip covers and 4 inserts and now, we have 6 covers and 15 inserts. Baby Iqbal usually uses 2-3 covers daily, 6-8 inserts as we use them until almost midnight - his last diaper change. I wash the cloth diapers daily (and sometimes my dad will help as he cannot stand seeing the inserts in the pail). *Thank you Dad but really, you shouldn't have*

It is important (at least for me!) to have a sufficient stash so I can rotate the usage to make sure that these inves…

DPT and Polio jab

Today, Baby Iqbal had DPT first jab and liquid med (polio). After the nurse gave a dropped of polio, he cried so hard. When we told them that Baby Iqbal had prevanar jab last week, they were hesitant to give the DPT shot.

So, they called the Doctor at Paedriatic clicnic, RIPAS to ensure that its okay for them to give the shot. It was okay and made Baby Iqbal cried til his face turned red! Hehe and he was strong! Sekejap saja nangis ;D Didnt made mummy teary pun. Heee

We came home and mom gave him paracetamol - they said the shot will make some babies have fever. He's having his nap while Im writing this. Mommy and Daddy love you Son!