Two months old

Assalammualaikum :D
Baby Iqbal is two months old today!!! :D ♥ Mama Babah love you Sayang!!!
Let’s see.. What shall we talk about Baby Iqbal today? ;p Ohh his development and milestones! :D
In the last two months, once Baby Iqbal caught heat rash (and was told by mom’s Doc that he might have a mild eczema). How did we treat the rash?
  • bought Curash powder with cornstarch – didn’t really work but works on his nappy rash
  • boiled daun peria and use the water for his bath – it works! the rash reduced after about more than 5 baths :p
  • used the aqueous cream given by the Doctor – works on his dry skin
He also had cradle cap! We tried both coconut virgin oil and Johnson&Johnson’s baby oil (aloe vera & vit E). Put the oil after his bath, leave it on for 10mins (or less like Hubs did! He’ll just scratch Baby Iqbal’s head) then brush his hair/ head. It works like magic!
This is baby milestone chart I got from Baby Center website. Let’s see how’s Baby Iqbal is progressing. Keep in mind, every baby is unique so their milestone are not always the same. This is merely a guide.
credit : baby center
Based from the chart above, Alhamdulillah Baby Iqbal can do most of the things listed above except lifts and holds his head. Belum pandai bertiarap pun! Hehe.. We tried to put him on his tummy but he couldn’t even lifts his head nor turn to the other side. Lol! It was hilarious watching him tried..
We love hearing him ooohhs aaahhs, grunts (haha), his cries are different now – sleepy, hungry, refusing, asking for attention, so cute and adorable! He tried to talk to us too, even more adorable that we couldn’t stop laughing and talk to him back! :D
His next Doctor’s appointment is next month, 1st for another jab and 13th to see the Doctor. I can’t wait to see how much he has grown.. Although we’re guessing he’s about 5kgs now. We can’t wait to see Baby Iqbal grows healthily. Mama Babah love you Dear Son! ♥