New Resolution

I hope it is not too late to wish everyone here ‘Happy New Year 2012′ :D
Since it’s our first New Year Eve with Baby Iq, we brought him to Iman’s place in Birau. PIL kindly held a barbecue for their family to gather and enjoy the night. For the record, it was Baby Iq first car ride and we went straight to Birau (excluding to the clinic that is). It went very well as baby slept his eyes off most of the journey. Haha :D
Ok, back to the title. My new resolution this year among other things include to breastfeed Baby Iq as long as I can (at least for a year) and fully cloth diapering him. We did successfully during daytime on 1st Jan (Yayyy!!!) and hope that I’ll be able to continue. Also, I hope to be the best mom for him and the best wife for Iman. Insya Allah.. :D
Lil Tigger is ready to hit the road ;)