One month old

Baby Iqbal turned one month last Monday. I must say, it has been a memorable learning experience for us all. We smile everytime we see him. Baby gives us more happiness and also, to my family (we have not go back to my in-laws’ place as husband wants me to finish my confinement period first but I feel good already. I’ll try to convince him again to go this weekend).
For his one month, we opened a bank account for him. Thank you uncles and aunties, grandma and friends for the sedekah :D We also bought him few going out baju (one size up!) Baby can wears 0-3mths clothings now and he still wears newbaby size from MC (well, until he outgrew them at least).
We also went to the clinic yesterday, Wednesday 21st Dec for his one-month review. Alhamdulillah everything is great.. Baby weights 4.275kgs now and 54.2cm height. He also had Hepatitis B jab. The part where the nurse put in the needle made him cried so hard, then after we comfort him he stopped crying. Hehe.. such a strong and good baby! :D ��
He has eyes like mommy
He has lips like daddy
He has cheeks like mommy
He has ears like daddy
He has nose like mommy
He has fair skin like mommy and daddy
He sleeps like daddy
His smile are his ;)
♥ ♥ ♥