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Baby Iqbal's Birth Story

It has been almost a month since Baby Iqbal arrival. It’s time to write about his birth story before I forget (not sure how am I going to forget that experience! *winks*)
My EDD was 22nd Nov 2011 and the real delivery happened on the 19th Nov (though most people ‘wanted’ me to gave birth on the 20th haha mission denied!).
19th Nov – After Midnight
… I kept going to the washroom. I thought I was having my normal toilet hugging session (had it since the past couple of weeks). Towards the morning, I realised that I had been going to the washroom more frequently than usual and the amount seems to increase. I thought to myself, maybe I drank too much yesterday. I didn’t get much sleep and decided to wake up around 5+am. I accidentally peed on the bed and when we opened the light, we saw mixture of  liquid and blood. Husband went “your water broke!” and I replied, no it’s not. I was imagining a lot of water on the floor like what you’d normally see in the movie. Lol!
I went downstairs and asked my mom, how water broke actually happens? I told her that I’ve been going to the washroom and I saw the liquid and blood. She said, it’s not time yet. Since your baby is a boy, it’s expected to see blood in your pee. =_=’ Then, I had my breakfast and shower. My dad was worried already. Iman took the day off to company me at home. Then, my mom called from the hospital and told me to go to the labour room. “What?!! Today?!!”
Husband was so worried, eager, excited hehe mixed feelings! I was too but more to being scared of the delivery pain though. *sighs* I walked all the way from the parking space to the labour room with Husband and felt fine. When we arrived ataround 11am, the nurse did VE and I was only 3cm dilated. Then, they checked my BP and it was very high. They gave me med and told them that I was scared. Being really honest there! Huhu
They checked me in to the labour room (still scared) and they gave me the “sleepy jab” (I’m not sure what they called it) to quickens my dilation. At 5.15pm, I was already fully dilated. They did few VE before hand and wanted to break my water but they could not do so as they already felt Baby’s hair. I told them that maybe my water has broke because I went to the washroom many times since after midnight =_=’ and yes, my water had broke earlier! Oh! The contractions was very strong after I was fully dilated. :’(
After countless of pushing (because I have a very short breath), it took about 2 hours to finally deliver Baby Iqbal. It’s that long! Husband was beside me til the last 30mins when the midwives told him to go out :( but mama was still in there with me. Baby finally arrives at 7.33pm. When they put Baby on top of me after that final push (that actually went black and blank), I felt really relieved and grateful that Baby’s finally here. =’) Alhamdulillah..
I am really thankful that all my family was outside waiting for me and the arrival of Baby Iqbal. My MIL was at the Hospital from the morning (she was actually there to take Nini Boy’s medicine with FIL). My siblings and in-laws, my aunts and uncles and my bestfriends was all there. I felt really blessed and thankful. After the delivery, one by one they came to the labour room to visit me. It really made me teary and very happy. :D
As a first time mom, I’m still learning just about everything. Sacrificing sleep and all but everything is well with everyone’s help. We are very happy beyond words can describe with Baby Iqbal’s around. I really love my son! Yes, I have a son. We have a son. :D


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