Week 37 - review

Just few more weeks left!!! *mixed feelings*
Alhamdulillah, my recent Doctor’s review didn’t make me wait for a long time. I had my ultrasound first. I managed to be the second one to enter the room. The kind technician kindly printed for me Baby’s scan as Husband was not there to take the video. Alhamdulillah everything is fine except ONE!
After that was my Doctor’s review. She asked me about fetal movement, alhamdulillah sometimes I managed to get 10 movement within an hour or two, although the chart they gave me was to track the movement for 12 hours. She also checked my feet and hands for swelling but so far, it’s not that bad (although I believe they are not my normal size. Hehe)
Back to the ONE thing that became my huge concern since that day. Baby’s position. It is not breech but Occiput Posterior (OP) aka ‘sunny side up’ Baby.

pic credit: spinningbabies.com
From my research and reading, most of the time Baby will turn himself to the right position when in labour but of course, it will take quite a long time (or may be not the case).
The technician, and mom (and her friends) told me that it’s going to be a long and painful labour for me. Truth to be told, that scares me as I’m expecting to have a short and painful labour. Dugaan ya Allah!
… *speechless* I am really hoping and praying that Baby will turn to the right position before labour to ease my labour pain. I know that I have not experience any backaches yet (really grateful for the smooth sailing journey so far) and I don’t think I want to experience them.
Been talking to Baby too and I believe that’ll helps. Insya Allah.. Tolong doakan Dear Readers! Thank you so much.. =’)