Final Preparation (Newborn Cloth Diapering)

Although Iman initially did not understand the reasons why we have to cloth diaper our newborn with flat diapers, I am grateful that my parents are on board with me on this matter. Hehe boo! :P He’s getting the hang of it now.. very involved with the preparations. ♥
When I was a newborn baby, I had an awful relationship with disposable diapers. They gave me a very bad diaper rash and I was such a pain to my parents to handle. Huhu.. Since then, my parents have been using flat diapers to all of my siblings (while on the other hand, Iman came from a disposable diapers family).
But, we have discussed and tolerate to use disposable diapers for night diapering as Baby will be sleeping with us. This will also reduce the amount of laundry although I’d still expect Baby’s nappies will need to be change a lot during the day (and night).
I read this article [here] and the comments about a week ago and I hope (and believe) that we are ready to cloth diaper our newborn even if only for part-time. Nevertheless, it is definitely a good start to our cloth diapering journey! :D
two dozens of flat diapers!!! hehehe
Iman kindly helped me fold the diapers and they're ready with liners :D ♥ (shown in the pic BBH nappy cover, not very clear though)
Here is my stash list to cloth diaper our newborn:
  • Diaper covers – we currently have 2 BBH covers in NB size (Thanks to Rozi for the white cover :D ), and still waiting my fluffy mail for Weehuggers size1 andBummis Super Brite small size.
  • Flat diapers – bought a dozen from Anakku and another dozen from my parents treasure hehe
  • Safety pins (5 pcs) and Nappy fastener (2pcs)
  • Wet pail
  • Detergent :p
  • Stay-dry liner from Autumnz – 2 boxes
Why did I buy the Baby Beehind (BBH) nappy covers?
I will not deny it was actually because of the price. Since Baby will not wear the nappy cover for a longer period, I thought it would be wise to just buy the newborn covers (can fit up to 5kgs). Afterall, most of the one size modern CDs can fit baby from 3-4kgs and above. Second, I fall in love with their Metropolitan limited edition prints. It’s in blue! (If we are having a girl, would definitely buy the other print too – Retro Gala as it’s in pink and purple!!! Hehe, ok stop :p)
Why did I buy Weehuggers and Bummis Super Brite?
I can say I want these because of their prints and to feed my CD addictions :p Then again, Baby might still going to wear the flat diapers when we (or my parents are at home especially on Friday and Sunday). Baby might outgrew the newborn sizes after 1-2 months, at least we have more covers which can last a little bit longer, say 3-4 months (I hope!). Plus, their reviews are really convincing! [Please read hereand the other related links for more convincing). Love their built-in leg gussets and can be use from newborn too. Yay! :p I’m thinking of getting Thirties cover too (see! it’s addictive but I’m going to wait til we’re bestfriend with the whole idea of cloth diapering) ;)