Week 36 - review

Yesterday I had my first weekly appointment. The usual routine – urine test for the sugar, blood pressure (a bit high but still normal) and weight (same as last week).
Finally after waiting for more than 2 hrs, they called out my name. It was short and brief. The nurse checked Baby’s heartbeat :D and gave second dose of the anti-tetanus jab (that hurts! huhu). The Doctor told me to get another ultrasound next week to check on my placenta. At first, I didn’t know that I was suppose to get my placenta check, it was when I made my booking at the ultrasound receptionist who told me.
So when I told mama about it, she was shocked (and I think a bit mad and worried too) that I need to get another ultrasound. She said, they have checked your placenta last time when they did the ultrasound. Why do they asked you to do it again? It’s not good for the Baby. Do you know the risks involved when doing the ultrasound? and it goes on and on.. and I was just sitting there in the car …… *speechless*
Okay so we are in my 36 weeks and I have been reading about the Perineal massage. Thanks to my best friend who managed to help me get Mothercare’s perineal gel in the UK. The thing is, they do not sell it here. Today I received an email from Mummysreviews and she mentioned about the Perineal massage too. I have read the how in WhatToExpect but I have not done it diligently yet. Can checkhere too for the guide on how to do it.
First I read about the perineal massage was here, then here and here. Credit to Diah for the valuable information. Been researching about it since then. You know, to prevent tear and episiotomy. I’m actually scared about this especially when I found out that the tear and stitch will sort of limit our capabilities after we gave birth and not to forget the pain that comes along with it. Yes, I have fear with everything that involves needle, pain and blood. Ya Allah, please give me strength. Amin…
Next is to get my hospital bag (have not start yet) and Baby box ready (almost there!). We’re having a Doa Selamat and Baby Shower this Saturday with our friends :D Can’t waittttt!!!