Week 35 - review

Today I had my Doctor’s review. At first it was every 4 weeks, then they shortened to every 3 weeks and starting today, I have to come every week. I guess that is how it’s suppose to be seeing that I have 5 weeks left! *nervous*
The nurse also told me to do the fetal movement count. I have 10 kicks today by 1pm. Alhamdulillah.. Baby is very active and healthy. :D There’s nothing else we want more than a healthy baby. Insya Allah..
I have gained about 1kg for the last 3 weeks. Not much but suffice! My blood count is a little low (10.4), mom got worried and told me to eat more of red meat. The Doctor’s said it is actually okay just need to increase a tad bit more.
As they say, it could be any time now and unfortunately we have not pack our hospital bags. We have bought everything though – just need to wash and pack them all. Mom reluctantly allowing me to pack the bags hence the procrastination. People also told me not to be so active now and Mom told me otherwise. Haha confusing much!
At the end of the day, I know people love and care about me. Thank you so much!!! I love you all.. wait, WE love you all! ♥