Week 33

Alhamdulillah.. We are very thankful to Allah that I have reached this far!
What I have realised in my third trimester so far, the prominent one is the insomnia. Yes, as I have read it is sort of a practise for me (and for Iman too! Haha) for the sleepless nights when Baby is born. They said warm milk might help but I think it does not work for me as Baby is usually very active after midnight. So, I read book until my eyes feel very heavy after 1am mostly.
According to Heidi (What to Expect) other symptoms include:
  • Stronger fetal activity – yes, sometimes it hurts and uncomfortable
  • Occasional headaches – especially when I don’t have enough rest/sleep
  • Nail changes – grows faster these days!
  • Protruding navel – uh-huh! Show off haha
  • Shortness of breath – turun naik tangga usually
  • Increase clumsiness – sometimes!
  • Forgetfulness – err sometimes! haha
  • Braxton Hicks contractions – not getting it as much as before
So far these are what I have been experiencing. I hope Baby weights around 2kgs now, although I realised that gaining weight is kind of a hard work these days. Huhu..
p/s: Baby cot that we’ve been eyeing for has been sold!!! Uwaaaaa~ Now we need to look for another and buy it right away! Pfft!