Pain Management

It’s October!!!
I have been reading about this topic and it scares me at some point. =.=’ I have also been asking myself about my pain tolerance level. Husband says my pain tolerance is high but then again, you’ll never know what to expect during labour. So, expect the unexpected!
During the Parenting class, the nurse mentioned few options we can choose from including the laughing gas.Hehe.. But of course, the famous one these days is theepidural. I have seen people getting their epidural on tv and truthfully speaking, I don’t like the sight of it. Then again, you are in so much pain that one self (like me, who is scared with needle) might not think twice when the pain is unbearable.
It is true that each and every person has different level of pain tolerance and experiences pain differently. Some can handle more pain and some may not. According to this article [here], there are three types of pain management choices.
  • Lamaze/Child Birthing Classes - which teach you various relaxation techniques such as breathing and meditation and visualization.
  • Pain Medications – There are a number of medications that are now considered safe to take during delivery. Keep in mind that these will probably not offer you complete relief of pain they will more than likely just take the edge off the pain.
  • Epidural/Spinal Analgesia – this is where the anesthesiologist is either going to be your friend or the person you look for afterwards to have a few words with. They use local anesthetics and/or narcotics and they inject them around the spinal nerves to control the pain you feel during labor and delivery. If you are having a C-section you are probably going to have an epidural. I want you to know that it doesn’t take the feeling away contrary to what a lot of people will try to tell you. You will feel what is happening such as pressure and pulling but you will not and should not feel any pain.
Before, I thought I can handle the pain but I’m second guessing my decision now. I’m considering epidural (in case I want it during labour that I can’t handle the pain) although I know that my mom will not encourage this. She usually in the labour room with my cousins and aunties when they gave birth. Mom is like their personal midwifery and she will say a big no to epidural.
I’m gna need to learn more on the relaxation techniques so I will be able to survive without the epidural. Insya Allah.. :D Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan olehNya jua.. Amin ya Rabbal ‘Alamin~