My Autumnz Stash

Being a newbie in modern cloth diapering, this is one of the few brands I came across among cloth diapering moms here. If you want to try pocket diapers and on a budget like us, Autumnz is actually not bad choice to begin with. :D
my first CD stash
I am looking forward to add few more in my collection after trying these eye candies to our Baby. There are other pocket diapers brand like bum genius, fuzzi bunz, happy heinys and etc. Since I will probably using them for night time diapering, might as well spend less on the diaper cover and invest more on the inserts.
Although AI2 cloth diapers are a tad bit more expensive, same principle applies as we will need less cloth diaper cover and more of the inserts during the day. I hope I will be able to keep this in mind, or else, there goes my attempt in saving money although I will probably be contributing more by saving the mother earth. Lol!
When you buy Autumnz CD,
  • you will get FREE 2 super-absorbent 3 layers of microfibre insert (or MFI, for short)
  • it comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) all in ONE diaper by adjusting the front snap buttons, also known as one size (OS) CD
  • One size from birth to potty training
  • Tested to fit babies/toddlers from 3 kg - 18 kg
  • Soft inner microfleece lining, to keep baby dry and rash free
  • Waterproof PUL outer to prevent leak
  • Easy to use hook and loop fasteners
  • 3 x 3 snap design to give a snug fit
  • Easy to clean and quick drying
Washing Instructions :
Before using the diaper set:
  • Wash the diaper and insert several times before use to increase their absorbency
Washing soiled diaper set:
  • Knock solids into toilet
  • Remove the insert from the diaper
  • Rinse and put in the diaper pail. No soaking is necessary
  • Fasten the hook and loop tabs to the laundry tab on the inside of the diaper
  • Wash your diaper up to 60 degree celcius in normal wash cycle with no more than 1/4 to 1/2 of the detergent’s recommended amount per load
Some DO NOTs to remember:
  • Do not use fabric softener as it decreases the absorbency
  • Do not use bleach or other harsh stain remover. Drying diaper in the sun is the most effective way to remove stains
  • Do not use nappy cream as it reduced absorbency
Note: The instructions can also be found on the packaging which is a plus point.
Autumnz Insert dimension – 38 x 13 cm - longer than other standard inserts, making it more superior in terms of absorbency
My opinion: I prefer it longer as you can fold at the front (for front wetter/ baby boy) to increase its absorbency.
For more information, you can check Autumnz site [here].