How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

How to Cloth Diaper a Newborn

We are in the midst of learning on how to use the traditional lampin (flats diapers). How to fold them correctly, how to increase its absorbency and to do a little bit of “modernisation” to the lampin using diaper covers. ;)
Iman and I initially have decided on using just the disposable diapers during the first couple of months and then to slowly change to cloth diapers. However, both my parents have another plan, that is to use the traditional lampin while I am still in my confinement period. Dang! Mom said, it’s very HOT during the day and you don’t want Baby to get diaper rash, do you? *give up arguing! hehe*
Instead of continuing my (excessive) reading on different brand of cloth diapers and their reviews, I have been looking for information on using flat diapers. Again, Cloth Diaper Malaysia doesn’t fail me to give such a valuable information. Thank you Farhana! :D  Here are the links that I have been reading,
From my recent reading, I know that Autumnz is not suitable for a newborn. On a brighter side, I can use their inserts to increase the absorbency in flat diapers. Yay!!! Since I only have 4 MFI, I guess we still have to wash it everyday. I have 4 Flips stay dry inserts coming though. I wonder if it will works. Will definitely try them.
I have also bought a diaper cover from YippeeHouse Tan. Only one though, Baby Beehind (BBH) newborn nappy cover in Metropolitan (which I love the pattern so much!) and it cost $13.90 only. Next month, they will be reviewing their prices though. :( Considering that we will only be using flat diapers during the day, we will definitely need to wash the cover every night and lucky it is in PUL so it dries quicker even under the fan.
The more I read, truthfully speaking, I become more keen on cloth diapering our Baby full-time. We definitely in a huge savings advantage from buying disposable diapers every month (keep in mind, the price changes as the size change, but they definitely wear them less when they become a toddler or have started potty training).
We just can’t wait to experience all these new things when Baby arrives :D Insya Allah ♥