Another post for this week! :D
We had another Doctor’s appointment today and also, the best thing is the long awaited ultrasound.
As usual, Baby loves to move around (although Baby was sleeping at the time) while the Doctor did the ultrasound. Alhamdulillah, Baby is perfectly healthy and weight is normal too :D – despite me gaining slowly these days. Husband and Mama was next to me all the time and took a video too *=’D
We then moved on with Baby’s face. We saw our Baby sleeping (like mummy!) and Baby has Daddy”s pointy nose! I was really sebak the whole time. I wanted to cry my heart out seeing our Baby. We saw our Baby smiles. We saw our Baby laughs. We saw our Baby’s mouth opens and sticks tongue out. Very playful! ♥
When the nurse said Baby’s head is down already and ready to come out, it then occurred to me that it won’t be long now . We will be able to see and hold our Baby in our arms. My fear has gone and I’m pretty excited to see our Baby. :D :D :D
Doctor’s appointment was short and brief. We met our specialist, Dr Mary Paul. Funny she is!!! I was given Tetanus shot though (first dose and next is during my 36th week). I was suppose to have it during my 28th and 32th week but they forgot about it (plus, I reminded them when I entered the room last time but told me to go home when they’re done checking and I forgot about it too HAHA =.=’)
p/s: We know Baby’s gender already :D Alhamdulillah!