Parenting Class

I’m going to write about my GTT experience which I took before Hari Raya and I forgot to write about it. *thoink!
As instructed by Doctor Mom, I need to fast from 12 midnight til next morning before the nurse ‘suck’ my blood. Hehe.. I did although feel teribly hungry when I woke up. I came early to the Gynae clinic to surrender my blood. After that, they gave me the glucose drink and waited for 2 hours for the next blood take. I felt lightheaded at first and then, I was quite hyper.  Lol!
The result was not that good, I was actually at borderline after that 2 hours. Dear Doctor told me to control my sugar intake and everyone else in the family are now controlling my food intake now too. Poor me! Hihihi..
Ok, now back to the Parenting Class.
Truthfully speaking, I’m not sure if the  class is call as such. I can’t read the nurse’s handwriting in my appointment card. Huhu.. The nurse talked about the importance of ante-natal Doctor’s appointment – why they take the blood, weight and BP check, but I think, the hot topic that afternoon was the labour part.
The nurse showed to us exercises we need to do to prepare us for the labour, the position, how to breathe during contractions, when is the right time to push and all that which kinda terrified me a little. Lucky Iman was there and I told him to remind me to do all the necessary things when the day comes. We also visited the labour room. It freaked me out seeing the rooms!!! Dear God, please give me strength. Amin!!!
Next week class is on Breastfeeding. I’m so glad the Hospital is organising these classes. I’m so excited because I am planning to bf our Baby for as long as I can. Insya Allah.. Mudah-mudahan diberikan rezeki oleh Allah. Amin amin.. :D
p/s: Iman is currently in KK for work :( We’re missing you already Syg! Come home soon..