Being Pregnant

During this Hari Raya, I got asked so many question from my family and relatives. “How many months are you?”, “When is your due?”, “Have you done the ultrasound? Is it a boy or girl?”, “How does it feel to be pregnant?” and all these questions overwhelmed me, truthfully speaking.
The last question always made me speechless. It ‘s not that I don’t have answers. I HAVE but I just don’t know how to describe them. The feelings are AMAZINGGGG although it involves pain at some point, but most of them are really beautiful. The kicks. The tender care and love we got from everyone (including strangers). It is beyond our expectations!
I have been pregnant for 7 months now, so about 2.5 months left til my due date. Been getting labour dreams and it made me scared. Iman and mom usually told me to feel scared, yang penting is our Baby. They will be there with me when the day come, Insya Allah. I’m just a little sad that my little sister won’t be here to see Baby. On the brighter side, most of my best and close friends will be back by then. Yeeehuuuu! :D
Most people would say that I still look petite (plus I have been gaining slowly these days *sighs*). The elders can correctly guess our baby gender seeing my tummy and physical being. According to mom’s theory, I’m very active these days and told me to slow down, scared it would trigger early baby birth. This weekend we have few open houses to go, after that full bed rest for me. Furthermore, Iman will be outstation to KK in the third week for a few days.
Okay, I think I better stop here. Insya Allah, I will write again soon. Enjoy the rest of Syawal, Dear Readers! :D xx
p/s: We have bought our first baby clothes!!! :D They are super super CUTEEEEEEE!!!