Baby Cot

Iman and I have been surveying for Baby‘s cot since last Friday til last night. We went to both Mothercare and Bebeland in Kiulap and Manggis Mall, Triple Star in Tanjung Bunut and Toys R Us in Mabohai.
We have decided to get the playpen as baby cot. Ok, probably it won’t be as durable and last long as, if we are to get the wooden type baby cot. Just that Husband is very keen to keep Baby safe hence prefers the plastic one, so it’s okay :D

Graco playpen (incl. changing bassinet and rocking seat) and NOT available in Brunei
There is one which caught our attention that we think is safe and stable but unfortunately it is not within our budget. Most of which are does not seem to look safe. I hope that make sense. *sighs*
I do hope they will have special discount of something before Baby is born *giggles* or, I will try to make them have the discount for us! Hehe what a mom can do! ;) OR we can look for something else by then.
p/s: We will have our second ultrasound tomorrow! Oh we can’t waittttttt :D