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Another post for this week!  We had another Doctor’s appointment today and also, the best thing is the long awaited ultrasound. As usual, Baby loves to move around (although Baby was sleeping at the time) while the Doctor did the ultrasound. Alhamdulillah, Baby is perfectly healthy and weight is normal too  – despite me gaining slowly these days. Husband and Mama was next to me all the time and took a video too *=’D We then moved on with Baby’s face. We saw our Baby sleeping (like mummy!) and Baby has Daddy”s pointy nose! I was really sebak the whole time. I wanted to cry my heart out seeing our Baby. We saw our Baby smiles. We saw our Baby laughs. We saw our Baby’s mouth opens and sticks tongue out. Very playful! ♥ When the nurse said Baby’s head is down already and ready to come out, it then occurred to me that it won’t be long now . We will be able to see and hold our Baby in our arms. My fear has gone and I’m pretty excited to see our Baby.  _______________________________________ Docto…

Baby Cot

Iman and I have been surveying for Baby‘s cot since last Friday til last night. We went to both Mothercare and Bebeland in Kiulap and Manggis Mall, Triple Star in Tanjung Bunut and Toys R Us in Mabohai. We have decided to get the playpen as baby cot. Ok, probably it won’t be as durable and last long as, if we are to get the wooden type baby cot. Just that Husband is very keen to keep Baby safe hence prefers the plastic one, so it’s okay 
Graco playpen (incl. changing bassinet and rocking seat) and NOT available in Brunei There is one which caught our attention that we think is safe and stable but unfortunately it is not within our budget. Most of which are does not seem to look safe. I hope that make sense. *sighs* I do hope they will have special discount of something before Baby is born *giggles* or, I will try to make them have the discount for us! Hehe what a mom can do!  OR we can look for something else by then. p/s: We will have our second ultrasound tomorrow! Oh we can’t waittttttt…

Huggies or Drypers?

Recently, Iman and I have been surveying for these two brands of newborn baby diapers. There are more – Mamypoko, EQ, storebrands (eg. Giant, Bonus) and etc but we only look for these two brands with the newborn sizes.
Iman's fav! ;p
another option As I’ve mentioned before, we will start using disposable diapers first and will switch to cloth diapers when we’re ready. Of course, this will eventually depends on Baby. One brand might gives diaper rash, others may not. But Iman sort of has decided to buy Huggies to bring to the Hospital. Lol! What attracted Iman was “Clinically Proven – Helps Prevent Diaper Rash” on the cover and also, the wetness indicator.
Star fade off means time to change Price wise, there is not much difference with both Huggies and Drypers. We can find it anywhere too, so it’s a good thing. I do hope I can update this post again and give reviews to you readers which diapers is good for our Baby. Insya Allah.. If you have any thoughts or experience, don’t hesitate to …

Parenting Class

I’m going to write about my GTT experience which I took before Hari Raya and I forgot to write about it. *thoink! As instructed by Doctor Mom, I need to fast from 12 midnight til next morning before the nurse ‘suck’ my blood. Hehe.. I did although feel teribly hungry when I woke up. I came early to the Gynae clinic to surrender my blood. After that, they gave me the glucose drink and waited for 2 hours for the next blood take. I felt lightheaded at first and then, I was quite hyper.  Lol! The result was not that good, I was actually at borderline after that 2 hours. Dear Doctor told me to control my sugar intake and everyone else in the family are now controlling my food intake now too. Poor me! Hihihi.. Ok, now back to the Parenting Class. Truthfully speaking, I’m not sure if the  class is call as such. I can’t read the nurse’s handwriting in my appointment card. Huhu.. The nurse talked about the importance of ante-natal Doctor’s appointment – why they take the blood, weight and BP check…

Being Pregnant

During this Hari Raya, I got asked so many question from my family and relatives. “How many months are you?”, “When is your due?”, “Have you done the ultrasound? Is it a boy or girl?”, “How does it feel to be pregnant?” and all these questions overwhelmed me, truthfully speaking. The last question always made me speechless. It ‘s not that I don’t have answers. I HAVE but I just don’t know how to describe them. The feelings are AMAZINGGGG although it involves pain at some point, but most of them are really beautiful. The kicks. The tender care and love we got from everyone (including strangers). It is beyond our expectations! I have been pregnant for 7 months now, so about 2.5 months left til my due date. Been getting labour dreams and it made me scared. Iman and mom usually told me to feel scared, yang penting is our Baby. They will be there with me when the day come, Insya Allah. I’m just a little sad that my little sister won’t be here to see Baby. On the brighter side, most of my bes…