Meeting Specialist

I had my routine appointment with the Doctor today :D Alhamdulillah, Baby is doing great. As usual, Baby is actively moving every time the nurse trying to check Baby’s heartbeat. *big smiles* It was rather quick and the Doctor was really nice and friendly too. Again, I was thought that I’m 16 years old. Nyehs!
Since I missed my GTT last two weeks because of the written test I had at MOF, I was scheduled to take the test this Saturday. Next appointment is in mid Sept and another ultrasound is at the end of the month. I can’t wait for the ultrasound as we have not seen Baby for a while already.
I can’t believe that we have come to the last 10 days of Ramadhan. I have stopped fasting because I have not gain much for the past weeks and it’s worrying (especially for Hubs). Insya Allah, I will qadha my puasa when I’m able to and asked Hubs to puasa with me too. *giggles* :P
p/s: We have started buying baby clothes. Not much though, enough for newborn. They are so cute!!! Love them as they have teddy bear motives! :D :D:D