Introduction to Cloth Diapers

For the past few days, I have been reading almost everything on cloth diapers especially from our region, Brunei and Malaysia mostly.
It got me really excited and overwhelmed with all the different types of cloth diapers, brands and prices. I first knew about the cloth diaper when I was reading Rozi’s Baby’s blog. After that I read the forum which was in dotdotslittleshop (DDLS) and got even more exciteddd. Never I knew that there are actually a lot of moms out there who practice cloth diapers for their babies. Although some of the terms are quite technical but after reading the forum few times, I understand the basics and explained to Hubs on everything I’ve learned :D
Until one night, I thought to myself that I might have been thinking too much as I was already calculating and comparing the prices. After that, I started again with the real deal – especially the reasons why it is best to use cloth diapers instead of the disposable diapers. This site Cloth Diaper Malaysia is really an excellent read especially for newbies to cloth diapers.
Here are some of the links which I love to read again and again and would love to share with you readers who might be thinking about CD:
  1. The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
  2. 10 Things to Consider before Cloth Diapering
  3. How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need
  4. The 4 Basic types of Cloth Diapers
  5. 8 Ways to Save Money buying Cloth Diapers
  6. DDLS Cloth Diapers Forum
  7. Brunei Cloth Diapers Family (Facebook group)
I already have my favourite types which I think is convenient for us – pocket and AI2. Also, after reading the reviews on most brands I would like to try Autumnz, Lunatots, Fuzzibunz for pocket diapers, while for AI2 I’d go for  Bamboolite and Flip nappies.
However as a start, I think we will begin using both disposable and cloth diapers during the first couple of weeks and will practise fulltime CD-ing once we ready, Insya Allah. As Farhana from CDM said, start off slowly, and learn along the way :D


  1. Assalam, so how's your Cd-ing experience? Where did u buy the CDs


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