Baby Checklist

I will be entering my 6th month next week and I think, it’s time to look for the necessities stuffs for our baby.
Insya Allah, jika diizinkan Allah I’d want to breastfeed our baby for as long as I can. So, I do need some stuffs for this – breast pump, milk storage bottle, cooler bag,nipple cream, breast pad and nursing pillow*.
definitely in my wishlist! hehe
Mom and Dad also told me to get the feeding set and must-haves would be the sterilizer and warmer. I found this at a very attractive and reasonable price.Tommee Tippee sterilisation and feeding set at £60 (UP £120).  Amazing isn’t it? Oh! I need a drying rack too.
everything that we need!
As for baby needs, clothing and bathing we will buy these slowly. Baby grows so quick that I might need to buy new clothes for our baby every other month. We will definitely look for this from time to time.
** This bit is for them in the UK. Ehmm ehmm haha ;)
Precious Bear Cuddle N Dry *So cuteeeeee!*
Precious Bear changing mat
Okay, basically anything Precious Bear is accepted with wide open heart and arms. *giggles* Mummy? Adek? You both know why!
With regards to the travel system, mom told us to buy after our baby is born -stroller, car seat, moses basket, baby carrier and diaper bag (might gna buy this first though).
Bedding! We will definitely going to need baby cot (including its mattress, pillows and bedding set) as a start. Dresser, musical mobile and play pan can wait.
That’s about it I guess. Insya Allah, as time passed by we will look into other things that we might need for our baby.