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Introduction to Cloth Diapers

For the past few days, I have been reading almost everything on cloth diapers especially from our region, Brunei and Malaysia mostly. It got me really excited and overwhelmed with all the different types of cloth diapers, brands and prices. I first knew about the cloth diaper when I was reading Rozi’s Baby’s blog. After that I read the forum which was in dotdotslittleshop (DDLS) and got even more exciteddd. Never I knew that there are actually a lot of moms out there who practice cloth diapers for their babies. Although some of the terms are quite technical but after reading the forum few times, I understand the basics and explained to Hubs on everything I’ve learned  Until one night, I thought to myself that I might have been thinking too much as I was already calculating and comparing the prices. After that, I started again with the real deal – especially the reasons why it is best to use cloth diapers instead of the disposable diapers. This site Cloth Diaper Malaysia is really an exc…

Baby Checklist

I will be entering my 6th month next week and I think, it’s time to look for the necessities stuffs for our baby. Insya Allah, jika diizinkan Allah I’d want to breastfeed our baby for as long as I can. So, I do need some stuffs for this – breast pump, milk storage bottle, cooler bag,nipple cream, breast pad and nursing pillow*. definitely in my wishlist! hehe Mom and Dad also told me to get the feeding set and must-haves would be the sterilizer and warmer. I found this at a very attractive and reasonable price.Tommee Tippee sterilisation and feeding set at £60 (UP £120).  Amazing isn’t it? Oh! I need a drying rack too. everything that we need! As for baby needs, clothing and bathing we will buy these slowly. Baby grows so quick that I might need to buy new clothes for our baby every other month. We will definitely look for this from time to time. ** This bit is for them in the UK. Ehmm ehmm haha  Precious Bear Cuddle N Dry *So cuteeeeee!* Precious Bear changing mat Okay, basically anything Pre…

We see YOU!

It was my third Doctor’s appointment yesterday. I was excited to get the ultra-sound as we have not seen our Baby since week 12. Unfortunately, Hubs couldn’t join me so my sister kindly took a video and picture for him.  Alhamdulillah.. We received good news regarding our Baby. At week 20, Baby’s weight (318g) is right according to the standard measurement (300g).  The fact that I did not gain much from last month, just an increase of 1.7kgs to 41.3kgs was worrying. I do hope in this coming months, I’m able to gain more weight and so is our Baby. I was teary when looking at our Baby and the fact that Hubs was not there saddened me a little. Luckily my mom and sister were there, and the technician was very friendly that it lightens the mood. It was hard to get Baby’s measurement at first! Our Baby was so active and gave us lots of movements. As my sister put it, “c Baby was doing morning exercise in the tummy”. Hehehe  I don’t know how to describe the feelings but Hubs and I were really h…