Today was our second appointment with the Doctor or mom called them as “Medical Officer”. Every check-up, it won’t be by the same doctor unless by chance. Oh! I have a permanent specialist who will be responsible for me in case there’s something happen (I pray hard that nothing will) which I think is kinda cool.
I am in my 16th weeks so technically I’m in my 4th months and I am still not gaining much weight. Very concerning! We were asked to meet the dietitian today. From our last check up, I have gain 1+kg. Sad. For the next few weeks, I will need to be following a strict diet and hopefully I will gain more before our next appointment.
The Doctor checked Baby’s heartbeat and it feels really soothing to know that the baby is healthy. I don’t know how to put into words how we felt – Masha Allah, I was speechless when I heard the heartbeat. Mom was there and I know everyone is excited to welcome the baby. Just in the afternoon today, my sister told me that our baby will have to address her as “Ummi” and our mom as “Bonda”. I guess everyone in the house is my baby’s mother by then. =’) Hehhe..
We are a happy parents-to-be :D Alhamdulillah..