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Anmum Materna

Assalammualaikum everyone.. As part of the gaining weight regime, I have to drink this milk for me and my baby’s benefits. Highly recommended by Iman’s friend who just gave birth to a lovely baby girl few months ago. Husband pronounces it as "an-num" ;p hihihi I must say, for a non-milk drinker like me, this milk taste so much better than Enfamama (it tastes very milky and concentrated to me). Alhamdulillah.. Sometimes I managed to drink two glass per day, if not before sleep is a must drink.


Today was our second appointment with the Doctor or mom called them as “Medical Officer”. Every check-up, it won’t be by the same doctor unless by chance. Oh! I have a permanent specialist who will be responsible for me in case there’s something happen (I pray hard that nothing will) which I think is kinda cool. I am in my 16th weeks so technically I’m in my 4th months and I am still not gaining much weight. Very concerning! We were asked to meet the dietitian today. From our last check up, I have gain 1+kg. Sad. For the next few weeks, I will need to be following a strict diet and hopefully I will gain more before our next appointment. The Doctor checked Baby’s heartbeat and it feels really soothing to know that the baby is healthy. I don’t know how to put into words how we felt – Masha Allah, I was speechless when I heard the heartbeat. Mom was there and I know everyone is excited to welcome the baby. Just in the afternoon today, my sister told me that our baby will have to address he…