First Trimester

Alhamdulillah, the most fragile stage have ended. It did feel short and long at some points (hehe). I have just entered my second trimester. I’d love to write all the lovely and not-so-lovely changes I have experienced.
I always get this from my relatives and friends. “Did you get baus?” When I first heard the word o.o “What does that means?” Then my SIL kindly explained that it includes the morning sickness, vomit, food repel and etc. Alhamdulillah, I did not experience baus throughout my first trimester.
I was forever hungry though, every hour or two and it somehow annoyed me. Truth to be told, I don’t usually have a big appetite so it was hard for me to keep on eating. Hubs keep on telling me that I need to eat for the baby, so yes, I had to eat and IF NOT I’d tremble/shiver like I have not eaten for days. The best thing is whenever I’m craving for any food, Hubs will just bring me out and eat. Yayyy! :D
I have not gain any weight (unfortunately) and it worries me. Lucky I have mom around and she told me that I might be gaining weight unexpectedly during this second trimester. Seeing my physical now, some people do not actually believe that I am pregnant. It has been more than 3 months now, the bump is starting to show already.
Oh right! I went for my first Doctor’s appointment with Hubs and mom. It was an experience. Everyone was looking at me like I was actually the baby. Pfft! I met the Doctor in RIPAS instead of the clinic in our residential area, as mom is working there so it’s convenient for her and us.
I guess that’s about it. We’re excited to see what’s coming our way in this second trimester although it actually started off with sore throat, runny nose and coughs :( Mudah-mudahan semua akan berjalan dengan lancar in this second trimester dan semoga baby and parents will be healthy always. Amin.. Insya Allah.