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Pregnancy Book

This is the book I read almost every night before sleep. I must say, this book is really helpful and comprehensive. I love reading the weekly development for the baby. I get really excited every time I read about it.  You can also check the site [here]. I thought having the book will be useful for us to get away from the laptop for a while. Hehhe Any other books you’d recommend for me to read?  Do let me know!

Double Bars

Syukur Alhamdulillah.. I am a mommy-to-be, Insya Allah  The stories might be similar to other mommies-to-be when they found out that they’re pregnant. I remember the date exactly, 22nd March when I did my pregnancy test using the Guardian pregnancy test. We bought (just) one test the night before. My period came late and Hubs keep on telling me to get the test. Excited he is! The next morning came, I checked and as expected, double bars. I was speechless when I showed it to him and he hugged and congratulated us both. He was very very happy! He even wanted to buy books related to pregnancy and all, and even starts thinking about baby names. Hehehe I was in disbelief the whole day. Not sure whether to feel happy or otherwise. Truth to be told, I was torn as I am still unemployed. Iman told his parents that morning before they fly off. MIL suggested for us to check with the doctor, off we went to the clinic that night. We went to the clinic and met Dr Avinash. She confirmed with us that I w…


It may be too early to announce but I want to record this phase of life